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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aweful Hyvee experience

So I'm just sitting here thinking about the new Hyvee ad coming out, I was thinking it was Wednesday. I figured Id post my last awful Hyvee experience.

So In the exclusive online Hyvee ad they had a few extra coupons. The deal was $3.59 for Glad trash bags. They also had a coupon if you buy 2 participating items you get 1 Clorox wipes for free. The participating items were Glad trash bags and Clorox cleaning supplies. So I also had a coupon for free Glad product when you buy Charcoal, up to $3 off. I sent my husband with all coupons in hand and told him what to buy. He came back frustrated. Hyvee gave him a hard time about their online coupons! They weren't going to let him use them. How crazy is that? They also wouldn't let him use the charcoal coupon and I had just used one there a few weeks prior.

I probably will never get my husband to go use coupons again now! You win some you lose some.

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