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Monday, February 28, 2011

Jewel Freezer deal

If you're worried you missed out on the Jewel Freezer deal that started yesterday, this picture was taken this morning at the Moline Jewel. No need to worry they have plenty to go around! If you are planning on buying these freezers keep your eyes on this blog. She does a great job with Jewel match ups. We will also try to post the deals we see.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Review Friday

Seeing how we have an awesome freezer deal going on this week at Target I figured I would post a review about the Smart Ones meals. I have had these a few times this week for lunch. So far the Fettuccine style ones are pretty good. I fixed the lasagna ones for the kids a few days ago and they weren't too thrilled but I thought they looked good. The lasagna ones are made with ricotta cheese which is my favorite kind of lasagna. The serving portions I feel are just right. I was full after the meals and didn't feel like I needed to make more too eat. Here's the details for the meal pictured here to give you an idea of the nutritional information.
Serving Size 262g

Calories 240
Total Fat 3.5g
Cholesterol 5mg
Sodium 570mg
Total Carbohydrates 41g
You can go to the Smart Ones website here for a complete list of the meals they have. Over all I think these are great meals to have on hand for a quick healthy lunch. At least better than chicken nuggets and mac&cheese, which is what the kids might have. I can fix them a normal lunch and then make myself one of these. And if you get them this week at Target they end up being less than $1/meal!! Can't beat that. See the post here to see how you can get them for cheaper!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Walgreen deals 2/27-3/5/2011

Free items this week at Walgreens are as follows:
Baby Magic $3 get back $3
Colgate toothpaste $2.99 get back $3
Motrin $3 get back $3
Nasogel $4.99 get back $5
Poligrip $1.99 get back $2

Go here to see the rest of the deals

CVS deals 02/27-03/05/2011

Finally free contact solution! I had to break down and buy the generic UP & UP Target brand a few weeks ago because I ran out. I must say the Target brand isn't too bad. Here's a list of the freebies I see next week at CVS:

Crest Pro-Health paste or rinse $3.29 get back $3.29
Oral B crossaction toothbrush $6x2 get back $3x2 limit you get back $6 when you buy 2free from 1/3-$3 coupon from 2/27 P&G and b1g1 1/30(exp 2/28) P&G its a $3 moneymaker!!
revitalens multi-purpose contact solution $5.99 get back $5.99
Go here for the rest of the deals at CVS

Need a new party game?

Are you in the need of a new fun party game? If you have a Wii, this game is great. We got it for Christmas. Its not a two person game though. The more people you have to play it , the funner it is. It looks like Best Buy is having a sale right now. If you buy the Tablet you get a Udraw game for free. You can pick Pictionary or a few others on the list. If you follow the directions on this link it looks like you can score it for $70. That's not a bad price at all! Let me know if you want to know more about it before you buy it and I can go into more detail.

Menards crazy days sale! FEb 25-Feb 27th 2011

I was going to post the ad from Menard's link but then couldn't find it. So here's a list of the things you can get for free this week:
10 pack Electrical Tape $4 Free after mail in rebate
Insulating Foam $2.50 Free after mail in rebate
2 pack Super Glue $1.50 Free after mail in rebate
4 pack LED Nightlights $5 Free after mail in rebate
7 pack MyKidz Comfort Patch $5 Free after mail in rebate
LED Dual Function Battery Light with Bonus Light $10 Free after mail in rebate

Awesome, huh!? So once you check out if you just head to the front of the store and look for the easy rebate form that matches the number or numbers at the bottom of your receipt. Fill it out, mail it in, and with in no time you get a Menard's check to use for your next purchase. This ad was in today's newspaper.

Weight Loss Thursday

Well it's another week. I have felt really good about this week. We met with friends this week and talked about some different issues we are all having with weight and addictions. It seems like alot of people struggle with sugar addictions. With couponing it's really hard to resist a good candy deal. This week theres free jelly beans, marked down valentine candy, and the coming Easter deals. I went shopping the other day and bought some marked down wonka chocolate bars for my kids. We are reading Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I didn't even buy an extra one for myself!

 Monday I was going to start over with my EA active workout because I had such a long time between my last work out and now I couldn't catch up on my missed ones. Then I got a phone call that I had to leave for the morning. Then by the time I came home it was lunch. Then my new cell phone came and I had to go through and set that up. Then it was time to start making dinner. Then I had something to do that night I couldn't do my work out later either. But the next day I started and felt fine about it. It was a great work out and I realized the next day I still got my rest day.

See on the EA active you work out Mon and Tue. Rest Wed. Work out Thurs and Fri. Rest Sat and Sun. So I thought if I didn't work out Monday my schedule would be all messed up and I would have to make up on Wed. Normally I would have said forget it, I'll start over next Monday. But Wed I turned it on to make up my work out I missed Monday and its a rest day! Point is, don't ever say whelp messed up for this week. Just forget the rest of the week. I'll start next week. If you mess up. That's okay. Get back into it right away.

You eat some cookies because you couldn't resist the temptation. Don't say well, forget the rest of the week I screwed up already anyway. Instead say, you know what I'm not perfect and I need God's help even more to deal with this temptation. Pray about it! Get right back into it NOW.

I say all the time well I will start that work out on Monday..or I'll start eating that way on Monday. Lets live it up for the last time this weekend. Whiteys, out to eat, no work outs. Then Monday comes and goes and the next weekend comes and we say it all over again. START NOW NOT TOMORROW.

These verses came up when we met with some friends this week and they are just perfect for this:

‎1 Corinthians 6:12-13 You say, "I am allowed to do anything"-but not everything is good for you. And even though "I am allowed to do anything,"I must not become a slave to anything. You say,"Food was made for the stomach, and the stomach for food,"(This is true, though someday God will do away with both of them.)

Ugh! How perfect is this?!

1 Corinthians 10:23 You say,"I am allowed to do anything"-but not everything is good for you. You say, "I am allowed to do anything"-but not everything is beneficial.

We should be eating food for what it was meant for right. Food was meant to make our bodies function. Yes, God wants us to enjoy it also but when we become a slave (or feel drawn) to it, it becomes a sinful thing.

The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. I Samuel 16:7

Oh man. This verse is convicting if you're worried about looking fat. God sees our 'fatness or ugliness' on the inside. He sees our hearts. He doesn't care what we look like on the outside.

Its not about giving up sugar either. Its about doing what God is leading you to do right now. Its about not being a slave to something like sugar. If you feel God is having you give up sugar or carbs for now then go for it. But its about drawing closer to God ,not being a slave to something and feeling free.

Let me know your feelings! Share anything you feel led to! If you don't agree with me let me know how you feel. (:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jewel Freezer deal

Coming FEB 27th
Okay for those of you wondering what all the buzz is about for this freezer deal. This is really a great deal. You get this 5.3 cubic foot igloo freezer. When you purchase this freezer for $159 you get a coupon book that is filled with over $160 worth of coupons. The best thing with these coupons is that you can pair them with Jewel's B1G1 free sales they have and get 2 for free! Last year they had free ice cream scoop, light bulbs, sprinkles, etc. This is a great deal and I would highly suggest getting it. Basically you're getting a free freezer if you work it out right. You can go here and she will have pretty good match ups to use your coupons on. I might even get another one (:

Homeschool Wednesday

So this week I'm really feeling lead to talk about ,"How do you know your doing the right thing?" There are times we are doing our school lessons and I feel very frustrated and lost. My feelings come to ask, why am I homeschooling? If I'm just going to be frustrated with my children and yell at them or they aren't going to listen to me, why not just send them to school? This is on bad days. On these days I'm like this picture above. Go to my room and just pray for patience and God's direction. Then we have good days and my children are very obedient and do all of there lessons with no problems. My favorite is when we are driving somewhere and a question is asked from one of my children that goes with a lesson we did. Or even better they point out something learned from a previous lesson. Its like whoa!! You were listening to me! Now I don't have anything against school. Public or Private. We send our daughter to a public school and we checked into private schools before we started homeschooling. We just go with what we feel God is leading us to do at the time. We know for sure that what we are doing is in God's will right now. That's not to say that it won't be His plan in the future for our children to be in a public school again. He may call us to do that. We will just pray about it every year and go with God's direction. It always seems to fall into place better when we go with God's direction.

Now for those of you that also home school. What do you do on those days that just don't seem to fall into place? Do you keep doing your school? Do you just stop and change pace? I tend to get so frustrated I have to stop for at least awhile. We pick it up after a bit and try again. or we might move on to another subject if the case is what we are trying to learn. I also notice if I'm not giving my full attention to them we tend to have a bad day. Well let me know your thoughts and we will get through what God is calling us to do at this moment together!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Follow me Tuesday

Wow! What a week at Target this week! Okay, so our trip to Target was very exciting. First we walk to the freezer section and not everything is marked. So I asked the manager, who was standing there, if he could help me with the wording on the sign. Does this include EVERYTHING in the freezer section? He says yes, even the items that are $1 ,for example are included! I say great, this is going to be an awesome trip. So we start walking around looking at our coupons and whats available. Here's a list of items and links to coupon match ups that we liked:

Market Pantry Chicken Nuggets $4.74
-$1.50 off 2

Tyson Chicken $4.50
-1 off Manufacturer coupon(Smart Source 1/23)

Rhodes rolls $2.49
-1 off Manufacturer coupon (several Redplum inserts-1/23, 2/6)

TGI Fridays (some varieties are marked down to $2.18) $4.79
-$4 off 2 TGI Fridays

Tony's Pizza 5/$5
-$1 off 2
or theres some Manufacturer coupon's from the paper 2/13 Smart Source

Smart Ones $1.80
-$5/10 Target coupon paired with $3/10 Manufacturer coupon (be ready to print when you click this. It prints right away!)

Rhodes Cinn rolls $3.69
-$1 off Manufacture coupon(Redplum 1/23-2/6)

Market Pantry Dino nuggets $4.74 x2-$1..50 coupon=$7.98
Lean Pockets $2.09
MP Veggies $.87x4-$1coupon=$2.48
total out of pocket $12.55

2 Rhodes Cinn Rolls $3.69x2  -2 $1 coupon=$5.38
Birds eye veggie $1.27 -Free coupon from All You
Van De Kamps $3.90
Totinos $1.27 -$1/3=$2.81
-$5 Gift card from previous transaction
total out of pocket $7.09

2 Rhodes $2.49 -2 $1 coupon=$2.98
Lean pockets $2.09
Tonys 2 $2 -$.50 coupon=$1.50
2 Tgi fridays $2.18-$4 off 2=$.36
-$5 GC from previous transaction
total out of pocket $1.93

4 Mp Pasta $3.48 -$1/4=$2.48
lean pocket$2.09(I messed up my count and had 1 extra item that didn't go in the 7 freezer deal...oops)
MP milk $3.09 ( We needed
MP Eggs $1.19 (needed eggs too...)
Smart ones $1.80x10-$5 off 10 target coupon, -$3 off 10 manf coupon=$10
2 Rhodes $3.69-2 $1 manf coupons=$5.38
2 Rhodes $2.49-2 $1 manf coupons=$2.98
-$5 from previous purchase=total out of pocket $22.21
-2 $5 Gc I received for a future purchase=$12.21
total out of pocket for entire purchase-$33.78
(In the picture you'll notice more Tony's and lean pockets...I'm missing a receipt for those. I believe my total for that one was just over $5 so it was a few cents for all of it. I just used the $1/2 Tony coupon from the 2/13 Smart source)
Also when figuring out your savings you can add in the GC you didn't use to show how much you saved but if you do that, later don't tell yourself your getting something for free when you use the $5 GC because you have already counted it towards your purchase. Or I could say my total out of pocket was $43.78 and then later count my $10 GC I have towards something else I will buy, like the Sobe waters. Does that make sense? Let me know if I need to explain that better?

The pair ups for this deal are end less! Go through your coupons and find all you can. Allyou had a free Birdseye with Van De Kamps purchase. There are several others from different inserts to use. Don't know about you but my freezer is overflowing!

Now when we went to check out they informed us it was 1 gift card per transaction but he said we could put it all on the belt and just separate it out. For the Smart Ones deal where you have to buy 10 it printed out 2 gift cards so I'm not sure why they made us separate it all out. He commented to the very nice cashier that as long as I wasn't getting anything for free it was fine. The cashier was very patient with me while I sorted out my coupons and which food I wanted for which transaction. Also don't forget to go through the Up&Up cotten ball, qtips, Ib pro coupons and print those out too while you're there. And Sobe is 10 for $10 getting a $5 GC back. Market Pantry Pasta is only $.87 for the whole wheat pasta and print out $1/4 here. Let us know what deals you ended up with.

This blog does a great job with Target Match ups if you want to take a look.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Target Frozen food deal!

Okay guys! Head out to Target this week for the awesome frozen food deal they have. We will be posting a video with more info tomorrow. I bought all of this for $35.09 and it should have been $118.86. I didn't even have coupons for the lean pockets! You can make this out to be a great deal if you think it through. We will post more info tomorrow with our video and have links to which coupons we used.

Friday, February 18, 2011

BAMBO Nature Diaper Review

One of the things Katrina and I participate in is HOUSE PARTY.COM this is a site where you sign up to host parties sponsored by companies who send you lots of stuff and coupons to hand out.  We're going to do a video on how to set up an account, host a party, and all that you get!

This is a party I got from another site - and they included some natural care products - BAMBO Nature is a eco-diaper company - it looks like they are going to come out with parties to host on their site too!  They are certified free of chemicals and non-toxic and hypoallergenic.  I have a 21 month old and we have been using EC (more info at where I have been potty training since he was 4 months old.  Still we put him in diapers because it's cold out and I don't want to have pee all down me while we are at the store! 

I am using either Pampers Dry Max or Huggies Little Movers most of the time - I have noticed that the Dry Max diapers do cause a rash more easily than other diapers (I'm assuming its what ever "DRY MAX" is... awesome chemical for absorbtion/ BAD for baby's butt) so I'm looking forward to seeing if these diapers will keep his skin dry and no signs of rash.

At first glance these diapers are pretty bulky, but not like cloth (which we use occasionally).  If you use Pampers Dry Max I would say these are probably TWICE as thick, and a little noisy.  But they fit well and I've seen uglier diapers.

There weren't any leaks - there was NO RASH.  I like them and they aren't too bad a price!  If you are a regular Pampers buyer and they are $9 a bag (I'm going by price point of size 4 where there are 31 diapers) you spend about $.34 a diaper (if you don't use coupons) [my coupon price point varries but is usally around $.24 a diaper]  These diapers are $.48 each -Through Sept 15th you can use the coupon code 95910 and get 10% off your order and there is free shipping on orders over $50!
Here is thier site
What are your price points for diapers?  How much do you usually spend PER DIAPER and what brand do you use?


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weight Loss Thursday

So I'm going to start writing a Weight Loss Thursday. I'm hoping this will keep me on track! Weight loss is really a spiritual journey. I'm pretty young and haven't really struggled with my weight alot, thankfully. After my 3rd child though I haven't lost any of my 'baby' weight. I have to be honest I haven't been trying too hard and I haven't gained anything either. I need to get it off! I want to be healthy and I want to stop putting junk into my body. I have a really bad sweet tooth. It's awful when using coupons too because most of your coupons are for candy and processed foods. So I tell myself, well its a great deal and I'll need it eventually, might as well get it now! I've been reading The Lean Belly Prescription by Travis Stork and I'm also going to check into a few other books some friends are reading. It really is a spiritual battle with in my heart. So I will start posting highlights on Thursdays from the books I'm reading, different verses I come across that friends share with me, and maybe some delish recipes. Maybe I'll even let you know if I've lost any weight (:

So the main points I've read in The Lean Belly Prescription is don't tell yourself you can't have something. If you limit yourself from something all your going to do is want it more. Eat a bigger breakfast with lots of protein. Eat nuts as a snack between meals. Try drinking 3 glasses of milk a day. Drink water before your meal so your not as hungry. Fill up on veggies! Also, I don't think this was in the book, but I've been told if you want seconds after your meal give it 10-15 minutes before you go fill your plate again. Most likely you wont be hungry anymore. Pray before you put it in your mouth. Is this something that is going to give your body nutrition? God made food for our bodies to work. Alot of those foods available now don't actually add any nutrition to our bodies but harm us instead!

I came across a few verses and some friends shared some too.
Proverbs 9:17-18 'Stolen water is refreshing; food eaten in secret tastes the best!' But little do they know that the dead are there.
Proverbs 23:2 If you are a big eater, put a knife to your throat; Don't desire all the delicacies, for he might be trying to trick you.
Luke 12:23 For life is more than food and your body more than clothing.
Please feel free to share any tips, comments, verses, recipes, ANYTHING!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Homeschool Wednesday

For this Homeschool Wednesday I wanted to talk about incorporating other people into your homeschool. We have a wonderful church full of all sorts of talented people. We have a large group that homeschools and help teach different subjects. We just met with one special lady to talk about a state we were studying for History. Don't be afraid to let other people help you teach your children! Just because they aren't in school doesn't mean they cant have other teachers besides you. Lets face it, you don't know everything right. It really helps to be able to go to someone else and say 'Hey, can you help my child with this or can they ask you a few questions'. Also don't be afraid to join homeschool support groups. We have a wonderful support group through our public school system. I know GASP, public school system! This is a great group and in my area since we have to met with a teacher they help with the legal end. They don't get into my business and don't force me to do what they think is right. They help me improve our studies. Our teacher we have gives me ideas and resources. He will let me borrow school books, if I want. They set up field trips and most of them are free and go quite well with what we are learning. He actually counts our field trips as our face to face meetings we have to have. So my overall thought today is use other people when you can! And not the way that Older people will enjoy that your asking and professional people will enjoy they get to use their talents.

I also want to mention what I've been struggling with in homeschool. I can't stop comparing what they are doing in the public school with what I'm doing. I just want to make sure we are on the right track. But then I think, come on now! We're learning Latin. We took a  whole year to deeply focus on Botany. So If you're having this problem too, just let it go! I'm sure you're doing fine. If your child is behind they will catch up eventually, but most likely I'm sure your child is ahead or right where they should be. Make your homeschool what you want it, that's the beauty of homeschooling right! Teach the basics but if you have time add to it and tailor it to your child's needs. That's why most of us are homeschooling in the first place right.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Follow me Tuesday

Very short video this week. This week we just would like to point out to price check items. We show Missions shells are priced wrong on the shelf. Also today I went and Doritos said $2 but rang up $3 so they have to give it to you for the shelf price. Hope you enjoy the short shopping trip video...more to come!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Walgreens 2/13/11

Reach toothbrush or dental floss is $2.99 get back $2 Reg reward. I didnt see a whole lot more but you can go here to view the ad and look at upcoming ads.

Cvs deals 2/13/11

Free toothpaste this week at CVS! I'm running pretty low. Colgate $3.79, $1 off coupons found in ALLYOU Feb and Jan edition. Also found in inserts 2/6 and 1/30 Smartsource. Coke is on sale 3/$10 and get back $3 extra care bucks. Go here to view the ad and all the deals.

Review Friday

So I have no giveaway for this week planned. I'm reviewing the Leapster Explorer game Tangled. We have yet to see this movie but we can't wait for it to come out on DVD. This is what is said about this game on Leapfrogs site.

Join Rapunzel and the lovable thief, Flynn Rider, on an adventure through the Kingdom as they untangle the mystery of a sky full of magical lanterns.
The Rapunzel learning game teaches spelling and reading skills.
The ever-expanding library of Leapster Explorer™ games goes beyond school skills to creativity and life skills.
Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path to see what their child is playing and learning, and explore ways to expand their child's learning journey.
Only for Leapster Explorer. Appropriate for children ages 4 to 7 years (grades pre-K to 1).

My daughter, who is 6, really enjoys playing this game. She loves spelling words to help Rapunzel along in her adventures. I really enjoy this game because I can upload my own spelling words by just going to Leapfrogs site and connecting the Explorer to the computer. She started to memorize the preloaded words that were given so I had to switch it up a bit for her. I really like the fact that you can go on the Leapfrog site and check to see how much they're getting right when they play the game. I highly recommend this game. My 4 year old son also tries playing but he can't read yet so its a little difficult for him. This game is priced at $24.99 in most stores. I try and watch for b1g1 sales.

These are my personal views and I was given nothing in return for them.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Progesso Soup deal

Did all of you see the deal this week at Walgreens for Progesso soup?! There is a $.50 off coupon in the February Walgreens coupon book, available at the door when you walk in. Theres an ad coupon this week for $5/4, also available at the door when you walk in. There is also a manufacture coupon from the newspaper. Use all 3 together and the soup ends up being $.50/can!! I just did this deal at Walgreens and it went thru with no problems. If you dont want to deal with all the coupons it is on sale at Schnucks this week for $1. Use your manufacture Q from the newspaper and its $.75/can.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homeschool Wednesday

  For this Homeschool Wednesday I get the pleasure of highlighting a new book. We of course love new books in our family as do most families. I love this book because its not just empty information. Its called 'Frederico, the Mouse Violinist' written by Mayra Calvani and illustrated by K.C. Snider. Learn the parts of the violin with Frederico, the Mouse Violinist!
  Frederico is a tiny mouse with a big dream: he wants to become a violinist. Each day he watches as Stradivari makes his famous violins. Each night, he sneaks into the workshop to play. But the violins are too big! Then, unbeknown to Frederico, Stradivari sees him playing and begins carving a tiny device. Could it be a famous Strad especially for Frederico?(summary taken from Mayra's blog)
 This book has fun activities at the end. A great book to pair with a homeschool music lesson on violins or just a bedtime story. The pictures are bright, colorful, and engaging. The story is fun and you don't even realize your learning. My kids really enjoyed the activity page at the end. They could match the word with the picture about things they learned from the story, such as which part is the scroll on the violin. They enjoyed learning the different parts of the violin and who Antonio Stradivari was.  You can go here to Guardian Angel website to purchase this book for yourself! You can also follow Mayra via her blog here.

  These are my options and I was not compensated in any way for this review. I received a PDF copy to review.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to use your coupons

This week on our Follow me Tuesday video we are talking about what to do with your coupons, how to use them in the store.
  • Get the bigger town newspaper for the bigger volume coupons
  • Check your favorite blogs before you make your shopping trip, get organized, and have a plan.
  • Your goal is to get that item for the least price you can. If your coupon allows it go with trial sizes!
  • You can use store coupons and manufacture coupons together for one item.
  • Register Rewards are considered manufacture coupons. If you are going to use those with a manufacture coupon you will have to get another small price item as a 'filler item'. For example-Lets say you have a $5 register reward from a previous visit and you are going to buy the body wash available at Walgreen's this week for $3.99. If you are going to use the $1 off peelie on the body wash you will have to go buy a piece of candy to go with it. For every manufacture coupon you have to have an item.
  • Rolling Register Rewards-Your goal is to use the least amount of your own money as you can. Example: Buy the body wash this week and go back in and use your $3 register reward to buy the hand sanitizer get back $4. Go back and use your $4 to buy the body wash again. Go back and use your $3 to buy something else. You can keep doing that all you want but DO NOT USE a register reward for the same item. So you cant go buy the body wash and then turn around and use your $3 RR on body wash again. You will not get another RR(register reward).
  • B1G1 free sales. When there is a store sale of B1G1 free you can use a B1G1 free Manufacture coupon to get 2 for free.
  • If you are using a B1G1 free coupon and a $1 off coupon to purchase something make sure you use your B1G1 free coupon first so that you don't end up getting your reduced item for free.
  • As a rule of thumb always use the store coupon before a Manufacture coupon to avoid the register beeping. It always runs smoother to do it this way.
Let us know what you think!! Any suggestions or what you would like to see in a 'Follow Me Video'. We love to hear from our readers. We're all in this together.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Starbucks rewards!

Have you signed up for Starbucks rewards program yet!? This really is an awesome program. I just had my birthday month last month and they send you a card for a free coffee drink, any kind of drink!! Even the expensive ones, no limitations! Also the more you buy the more points you earn and you earn more free drinks. They just had a promotion that is no longer available that you could buy a $10 Starbucks card for $5 from Friends and Family Circle. I just transferred my $10 to the rewards card. So every time I get a gift card I can just go online and transfer the funds to the same card! It really is pretty cool. So if you're like me and cant stand paying $5 for a cup of coffee you have to sign up for this to make it more worth your buck!! Go here to read more details about how you earn stars and what you get for free!!

Thred up

I received my thredup box today! I really am impressed. I ordered two boxes and only paid about $10. The one box I received was perfect. It was just our style, kind of bright and funky. The other box was kind of boring and out dated. Both boxes were jam packed of clothes, so overall I would say it was totally worth the money I spent.

The way thredup works is you browse what boxes they have listed and it lists how many shirts, pants, shorts, pjs, etc are included in the box. Usually it will tell you which brands are included and sometimes a little description of what some of the highlighted items look like. They want you to relist boxes with their company so once you sign up they send you boxes for when you get items together to list. For every few boxes you buy they want you to replace them with your own listed boxes. To list a box you pay nothing. I received a credit for signing up from a friend and they had a b1g1 free promotion the day I signed up. I believe had I paid full price it was $15/box(they say $5 plus shipping), which is not bad considering the amount of clothes you get in a box. I would highly suggest this site!!

Giveaway Friday Winners!

I would like to thank all of you that entered our Giveaway Friday! I hope you all got your coupons from Coffee-Mate's Free Flavor Friday. It was a little rocky at first but they came through in the end. I would like to say I used to pick the names for this drawing, however, If I couldn't find an email address for you I had to go to the next name. Several of you left no email address and I couldn't view a google profile to find it. With that being said, here are the winners of this editions Giveaway Friday! Enjoy the yummy Coffee-Mate. These Coffee-Mate coupons were provided from the Coffee-Mate parties they gave out for Free Flavor Friday. We have had some bad winter storms so I figured since I didn't have as many people that could make it my Coffee-Mate Free Flavor Friday party I would spread the love to you guys! Enjoy!
Amanda L
kim segura
You have all been emailed! Please provide me with a mailing address by Sunday Midnight or we will have to redraw. Thanks, And be on the lookout for our next Review/Giveaway Friday.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Quick Walgreens deals for 2/6/11

$3.99 RR wyb Veripur Hand Sanitizer 3 oz $3.99 Free after Register Reward!!

•$3 RR wyb Right Guard Total Defense 5 Body Wash 13.5 oz $3.99 $.99 after Register Reward!

•$2 RR wyb Planters Trail Mix 6oz 3/$5

•$2 RR wyb Ocean Spray Drink or Juice 64 oz $2.99 $.99 cent juice!

•$7 RR wyb Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap System 8.5 oz $11.99
-3/1 Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap System starter PRINTABLE HERE
-$3/1 Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System Starter Kit, SS 1/09/11 (exp 02/08)
•$2 RR wyb Irish Spring Antiperspirant / Deodorant 2.7 oz $2.99 $.99 deodorant!

•$5 RR when you buy $15 of the following:
Lipton Tea Bags 2/$5
      -50¢/1 Lipton tea bags RP 1/30/11
Ragu Pasta Sauce 2/$3
     -60¢/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce RP 1/30/11
Skippy Peanut Butter 2/$3
     -50¢/1 Skippy Peanut Butter Product 15oz or larger RP 1/30/11
Hellmann's Mayonnaise 22 or 30 oz. $2.99
     -25¢/1Hellmann's products 16.5 oz or larger RP 1/30/11

•$2 RR wyb $10 of the Following products
Downy Liquid 21 or 40 loads $3.99
    -50¢/1 Downy Liquid Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets PG 1/30/11
    -$1/1 Downy product, Proctor & Gamble $110 booklet
Bounce or Downy Dryer Sheets $3.99
     -25¢/1 Bounce Dryer Sheets PG 1/30/11
    -$1/1 Downy product, Proctor & Gamble $110 booklet
Bounce Dryer Bar $3.99
     -50¢/1Bounce Dryer Bar PG 1/30/11
Cascade Power or Gel 60 oz or 15 pack Action Pacs $3.99
     -$1/1 Cascade product, Proctor & Gamble $110 booklet
     -50¢/1 Cascade ActionPacs, Organize in Style home mailer
     -50¢/1 Cascade Complete All-In-One pacs, Organize in Style home mailer
     -50¢/1 Cascade Rinse Aid, Organize in Style home mailer
Swiffer Sweeper Refills, Swiffer Wetjet Refills, Swiffer Duster
     -$1 off Swiffer Duster or Sweeper, Proctor & Gamble $110 booklet
     -$1 off Swiffer Dusters starter kit, Organize in Style home mailer
     -$3 off Swiffer WetJet, Proctor & Gamble $110 booklet
     -$5 off Swiffer Sweepervac starter kit, Organize in Style home mailer
     -$5 off Swiffer WetJet starter kit, Pampers home mailer
    -.50/1 Swiffer refill or Dust & Shine, PG 1/30/11
    -.50/1 Swiffer refill, Proctor & Gamble $110 booklet
    -Free Magazine Subscription or $12 Mail in Rebate wyb a specially-marked Swiffer product printable
     -Free Swiffer Duster refill wyb starter kit, max $4.99, PG 1/30/11
     -Free Swiffer Sweeper refill wyb starter kit, max $7, Organize in Style home mailer
     -Free Swiffer WetJet refil wyb starter kit, max $7, Organize in Style home mailer

Quick CVS deals 2/6/11

I didnt see a whole lot this week at CVS. Go here for the whole list.
•excedrin 20-24 ct $1.99
   -$2.50 Excedrin PM Product, 20 ct+ (exp 6/1/2011) 12/5/2010 SS buy coupon
•Trident Vitality or Stride Spark 9-14 ct $.99 get $.99 EB Limit 1 Free gum!!

Giveaway/Review Friday

In honor of Free Flavor Friday, I have decided to giveaway some of my free Coffeemate product coupons I received. Coffee-mate is running a promotion today at 11 am central time, giving away 100,000 Coffee-mate coupons! So you can win on their Facebook page if you are quick enough or you can come here! All you have to do to win on Qccoupondeals is comment on this post. We will be giving away 5 Free Coffee-mate coupons to 5 different people. With this coupon I encourage you to try a new flavor. If your not adventurous enough, fine, but step out there and try something new if you can! So you have til Midnight Central time to click on Comment and just enter what your favorite Coffee-mate flavor is or what flavor you would like to try. Good luck! Also you can go here for a chance to get a free Coffee-mate at 11 central time on Coffee-mates Facebook page. I will announce the 5 winners on Saturday and email you so please leave an email address I can get back to you with.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Joann Fabric

Joann – 40% Off Any One Regular-Priced Item or Free Shipping with $50.00 or More

Save 40% Off any regular priced item. ~ Use Coupon code: ebatesae46

Free Shipping with a $50 or more purchase. ~ Use Code: pcodesap46.

Go HERE to Jo~Anne Crafts and Fabrics

(Exp: 02/15/11)


Buy 2 in-stock games priced $39.99 or more, and save $15 off order total. Use code: 2SAVE15.
20% off in-stock PC accessories. Excludes time cards, video cards, racing wheels, and routers. Use code: 20ACC.
Free Gift with Purchase of Eligible Games or Gear at Go HERE for details.

Thanks Frugal Living and Having fun.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Leapster games

If any of you have the Leapster it seems that Target has some awesome prices online for these. Now I'm not sure if the price would be the same in store. It seems to vary sometimes. They vary from $8.71-$24. Several I see are listed for $12.44. Now if you are part of the Tropicana points you can get $10/2 coupon right now for just 2 points! The picture on these coupons are of the leapster but you might be able to try to use them on the Leapster explorer. The wording just says Leapster games! If your not familiar with this program all you have to do is buy Tropicana Juice and it has codes on the carton. You go to the web site and register, enter your codes and you can search for different things to buy with your points. They have restaurants, Leapfrog, flowers, etc. This program is listed to end 2/28/11 so hurry!!

Follow me Tuesday (late)

Okay, we have been having problems uploading these videos. We hope to get these on Youtube eventually but for now you can go to Facebook to view them. This follow me Tuesday is about what to do with the coupons when you get them. We talk about accordion style or binder style storage. We also talk about organizing your binder according to the store you shop at. Expired coupons or free items towards the front, personal care items, cleaning supplies, then food. Organize them to make it easy to find your coupons while you are in the store!

Homeschool Wednesday

So we live in the Midwest and this is the most snow I have probably seen in our area in my one time anyway. Our homeschooling day is kind of off today. We have dad and sister at home today. My thought for homeschooling today is how it is never the same each day. I plan out my lesson plans weeks ahead of time and something always happens that it doesn't go as planned. Someone gets sick or something gets cancelled. I will try and plan field trips and on those days we don't plan a lot of school so if it gets cancelled my lesson plans get all thrown off. In homeschooling I have learned that you have to have wiggle room. I have learned to have patience in knowing things aren't always going to go as planned. Ive only been homeschooling for a few years so I am definitely not a seasoned homeschooling mom but I am learning as I go and I have a huge support group to draw knowledge from.

My tip for the day is to enjoy life's interruptions. Don't get annoyed that things aren't going as planned. If your homeschooling day gets messed up, you can make up for it later. Just enjoy your time with your children and don't worry about it too much!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winners from the Gortons Seafood Giveaway!

Thank you to all who participated in our Gorton's Seafood, Giveaway Friday. Our 5 lucky winners are:

Amanda L
Melissa Ann
An email has been sent out to notify you as a winner. I need an email back with in 24 hours providing an address for your 2 free Gortons seafood coupons to be mailed to. Congrats and look for our next Giveaway/Review Friday!!
If you see your name on the list I sent an email. I just need an address to send the coupons to.