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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Follow me Tuesday

Wow! What a week at Target this week! Okay, so our trip to Target was very exciting. First we walk to the freezer section and not everything is marked. So I asked the manager, who was standing there, if he could help me with the wording on the sign. Does this include EVERYTHING in the freezer section? He says yes, even the items that are $1 ,for example are included! I say great, this is going to be an awesome trip. So we start walking around looking at our coupons and whats available. Here's a list of items and links to coupon match ups that we liked:

Market Pantry Chicken Nuggets $4.74
-$1.50 off 2

Tyson Chicken $4.50
-1 off Manufacturer coupon(Smart Source 1/23)

Rhodes rolls $2.49
-1 off Manufacturer coupon (several Redplum inserts-1/23, 2/6)

TGI Fridays (some varieties are marked down to $2.18) $4.79
-$4 off 2 TGI Fridays

Tony's Pizza 5/$5
-$1 off 2
or theres some Manufacturer coupon's from the paper 2/13 Smart Source

Smart Ones $1.80
-$5/10 Target coupon paired with $3/10 Manufacturer coupon (be ready to print when you click this. It prints right away!)

Rhodes Cinn rolls $3.69
-$1 off Manufacture coupon(Redplum 1/23-2/6)

Market Pantry Dino nuggets $4.74 x2-$1..50 coupon=$7.98
Lean Pockets $2.09
MP Veggies $.87x4-$1coupon=$2.48
total out of pocket $12.55

2 Rhodes Cinn Rolls $3.69x2  -2 $1 coupon=$5.38
Birds eye veggie $1.27 -Free coupon from All You
Van De Kamps $3.90
Totinos $1.27 -$1/3=$2.81
-$5 Gift card from previous transaction
total out of pocket $7.09

2 Rhodes $2.49 -2 $1 coupon=$2.98
Lean pockets $2.09
Tonys 2 $2 -$.50 coupon=$1.50
2 Tgi fridays $2.18-$4 off 2=$.36
-$5 GC from previous transaction
total out of pocket $1.93

4 Mp Pasta $3.48 -$1/4=$2.48
lean pocket$2.09(I messed up my count and had 1 extra item that didn't go in the 7 freezer deal...oops)
MP milk $3.09 ( We needed
MP Eggs $1.19 (needed eggs too...)
Smart ones $1.80x10-$5 off 10 target coupon, -$3 off 10 manf coupon=$10
2 Rhodes $3.69-2 $1 manf coupons=$5.38
2 Rhodes $2.49-2 $1 manf coupons=$2.98
-$5 from previous purchase=total out of pocket $22.21
-2 $5 Gc I received for a future purchase=$12.21
total out of pocket for entire purchase-$33.78
(In the picture you'll notice more Tony's and lean pockets...I'm missing a receipt for those. I believe my total for that one was just over $5 so it was a few cents for all of it. I just used the $1/2 Tony coupon from the 2/13 Smart source)
Also when figuring out your savings you can add in the GC you didn't use to show how much you saved but if you do that, later don't tell yourself your getting something for free when you use the $5 GC because you have already counted it towards your purchase. Or I could say my total out of pocket was $43.78 and then later count my $10 GC I have towards something else I will buy, like the Sobe waters. Does that make sense? Let me know if I need to explain that better?

The pair ups for this deal are end less! Go through your coupons and find all you can. Allyou had a free Birdseye with Van De Kamps purchase. There are several others from different inserts to use. Don't know about you but my freezer is overflowing!

Now when we went to check out they informed us it was 1 gift card per transaction but he said we could put it all on the belt and just separate it out. For the Smart Ones deal where you have to buy 10 it printed out 2 gift cards so I'm not sure why they made us separate it all out. He commented to the very nice cashier that as long as I wasn't getting anything for free it was fine. The cashier was very patient with me while I sorted out my coupons and which food I wanted for which transaction. Also don't forget to go through the Up&Up cotten ball, qtips, Ib pro coupons and print those out too while you're there. And Sobe is 10 for $10 getting a $5 GC back. Market Pantry Pasta is only $.87 for the whole wheat pasta and print out $1/4 here. Let us know what deals you ended up with.

This blog does a great job with Target Match ups if you want to take a look.

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Lisa said...

This is wonderful! Great job girls!!