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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Homeschool Wednesday

So this week I'm really feeling lead to talk about ,"How do you know your doing the right thing?" There are times we are doing our school lessons and I feel very frustrated and lost. My feelings come to ask, why am I homeschooling? If I'm just going to be frustrated with my children and yell at them or they aren't going to listen to me, why not just send them to school? This is on bad days. On these days I'm like this picture above. Go to my room and just pray for patience and God's direction. Then we have good days and my children are very obedient and do all of there lessons with no problems. My favorite is when we are driving somewhere and a question is asked from one of my children that goes with a lesson we did. Or even better they point out something learned from a previous lesson. Its like whoa!! You were listening to me! Now I don't have anything against school. Public or Private. We send our daughter to a public school and we checked into private schools before we started homeschooling. We just go with what we feel God is leading us to do at the time. We know for sure that what we are doing is in God's will right now. That's not to say that it won't be His plan in the future for our children to be in a public school again. He may call us to do that. We will just pray about it every year and go with God's direction. It always seems to fall into place better when we go with God's direction.

Now for those of you that also home school. What do you do on those days that just don't seem to fall into place? Do you keep doing your school? Do you just stop and change pace? I tend to get so frustrated I have to stop for at least awhile. We pick it up after a bit and try again. or we might move on to another subject if the case is what we are trying to learn. I also notice if I'm not giving my full attention to them we tend to have a bad day. Well let me know your thoughts and we will get through what God is calling us to do at this moment together!

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