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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thred up

I received my thredup box today! I really am impressed. I ordered two boxes and only paid about $10. The one box I received was perfect. It was just our style, kind of bright and funky. The other box was kind of boring and out dated. Both boxes were jam packed of clothes, so overall I would say it was totally worth the money I spent.

The way thredup works is you browse what boxes they have listed and it lists how many shirts, pants, shorts, pjs, etc are included in the box. Usually it will tell you which brands are included and sometimes a little description of what some of the highlighted items look like. They want you to relist boxes with their company so once you sign up they send you boxes for when you get items together to list. For every few boxes you buy they want you to replace them with your own listed boxes. To list a box you pay nothing. I received a credit for signing up from a friend and they had a b1g1 free promotion the day I signed up. I believe had I paid full price it was $15/box(they say $5 plus shipping), which is not bad considering the amount of clothes you get in a box. I would highly suggest this site!!

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