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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Homeschool Wednesday

For this Homeschool Wednesday I wanted to talk about incorporating other people into your homeschool. We have a wonderful church full of all sorts of talented people. We have a large group that homeschools and help teach different subjects. We just met with one special lady to talk about a state we were studying for History. Don't be afraid to let other people help you teach your children! Just because they aren't in school doesn't mean they cant have other teachers besides you. Lets face it, you don't know everything right. It really helps to be able to go to someone else and say 'Hey, can you help my child with this or can they ask you a few questions'. Also don't be afraid to join homeschool support groups. We have a wonderful support group through our public school system. I know GASP, public school system! This is a great group and in my area since we have to met with a teacher they help with the legal end. They don't get into my business and don't force me to do what they think is right. They help me improve our studies. Our teacher we have gives me ideas and resources. He will let me borrow school books, if I want. They set up field trips and most of them are free and go quite well with what we are learning. He actually counts our field trips as our face to face meetings we have to have. So my overall thought today is use other people when you can! And not the way that Older people will enjoy that your asking and professional people will enjoy they get to use their talents.

I also want to mention what I've been struggling with in homeschool. I can't stop comparing what they are doing in the public school with what I'm doing. I just want to make sure we are on the right track. But then I think, come on now! We're learning Latin. We took a  whole year to deeply focus on Botany. So If you're having this problem too, just let it go! I'm sure you're doing fine. If your child is behind they will catch up eventually, but most likely I'm sure your child is ahead or right where they should be. Make your homeschool what you want it, that's the beauty of homeschooling right! Teach the basics but if you have time add to it and tailor it to your child's needs. That's why most of us are homeschooling in the first place right.

1 comment:

Terri T. said...

I was really nervous about homeschooling thru highschool then a man in our church offered to teach the math, chemistry and physics!! God lead our family to homeschool and he provides the means to do it! Although at times it is hard, I am thankful for the blessing of being with my boys and watching them grow spiritually. That is most important.