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Friday, February 18, 2011

BAMBO Nature Diaper Review

One of the things Katrina and I participate in is HOUSE PARTY.COM this is a site where you sign up to host parties sponsored by companies who send you lots of stuff and coupons to hand out.  We're going to do a video on how to set up an account, host a party, and all that you get!

This is a party I got from another site - and they included some natural care products - BAMBO Nature is a eco-diaper company - it looks like they are going to come out with parties to host on their site too!  They are certified free of chemicals and non-toxic and hypoallergenic.  I have a 21 month old and we have been using EC (more info at where I have been potty training since he was 4 months old.  Still we put him in diapers because it's cold out and I don't want to have pee all down me while we are at the store! 

I am using either Pampers Dry Max or Huggies Little Movers most of the time - I have noticed that the Dry Max diapers do cause a rash more easily than other diapers (I'm assuming its what ever "DRY MAX" is... awesome chemical for absorbtion/ BAD for baby's butt) so I'm looking forward to seeing if these diapers will keep his skin dry and no signs of rash.

At first glance these diapers are pretty bulky, but not like cloth (which we use occasionally).  If you use Pampers Dry Max I would say these are probably TWICE as thick, and a little noisy.  But they fit well and I've seen uglier diapers.

There weren't any leaks - there was NO RASH.  I like them and they aren't too bad a price!  If you are a regular Pampers buyer and they are $9 a bag (I'm going by price point of size 4 where there are 31 diapers) you spend about $.34 a diaper (if you don't use coupons) [my coupon price point varries but is usally around $.24 a diaper]  These diapers are $.48 each -Through Sept 15th you can use the coupon code 95910 and get 10% off your order and there is free shipping on orders over $50!
Here is thier site
What are your price points for diapers?  How much do you usually spend PER DIAPER and what brand do you use?



LissaAnn said...

Diapers at Sam's are $0.18 a diaper so if I cant beat that then its not a good enough sale. (I really like the Sam"s brand of diapers and wipes (FYI)

QC coupon deals said...

I agree LissaAnn. I used to buy Sams club diapers too but they no longer sell the Sams club pullups and my kids only use something for bedtime. -Katrina