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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weight Loss Thursday

So I'm going to start writing a Weight Loss Thursday. I'm hoping this will keep me on track! Weight loss is really a spiritual journey. I'm pretty young and haven't really struggled with my weight alot, thankfully. After my 3rd child though I haven't lost any of my 'baby' weight. I have to be honest I haven't been trying too hard and I haven't gained anything either. I need to get it off! I want to be healthy and I want to stop putting junk into my body. I have a really bad sweet tooth. It's awful when using coupons too because most of your coupons are for candy and processed foods. So I tell myself, well its a great deal and I'll need it eventually, might as well get it now! I've been reading The Lean Belly Prescription by Travis Stork and I'm also going to check into a few other books some friends are reading. It really is a spiritual battle with in my heart. So I will start posting highlights on Thursdays from the books I'm reading, different verses I come across that friends share with me, and maybe some delish recipes. Maybe I'll even let you know if I've lost any weight (:

So the main points I've read in The Lean Belly Prescription is don't tell yourself you can't have something. If you limit yourself from something all your going to do is want it more. Eat a bigger breakfast with lots of protein. Eat nuts as a snack between meals. Try drinking 3 glasses of milk a day. Drink water before your meal so your not as hungry. Fill up on veggies! Also, I don't think this was in the book, but I've been told if you want seconds after your meal give it 10-15 minutes before you go fill your plate again. Most likely you wont be hungry anymore. Pray before you put it in your mouth. Is this something that is going to give your body nutrition? God made food for our bodies to work. Alot of those foods available now don't actually add any nutrition to our bodies but harm us instead!

I came across a few verses and some friends shared some too.
Proverbs 9:17-18 'Stolen water is refreshing; food eaten in secret tastes the best!' But little do they know that the dead are there.
Proverbs 23:2 If you are a big eater, put a knife to your throat; Don't desire all the delicacies, for he might be trying to trick you.
Luke 12:23 For life is more than food and your body more than clothing.
Please feel free to share any tips, comments, verses, recipes, ANYTHING!!

1 comment:

Terri T. said...

I never realized how many times, while trying to eat healthier, I told myself "I can't eat that". That only produces a negative mindset. Now I am focusing on the healthy options that God is showing me. I thank him for loving me enough to guide and teach me the way to eat that will honor him!!