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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to use your coupons

This week on our Follow me Tuesday video we are talking about what to do with your coupons, how to use them in the store.
  • Get the bigger town newspaper for the bigger volume coupons
  • Check your favorite blogs before you make your shopping trip, get organized, and have a plan.
  • Your goal is to get that item for the least price you can. If your coupon allows it go with trial sizes!
  • You can use store coupons and manufacture coupons together for one item.
  • Register Rewards are considered manufacture coupons. If you are going to use those with a manufacture coupon you will have to get another small price item as a 'filler item'. For example-Lets say you have a $5 register reward from a previous visit and you are going to buy the body wash available at Walgreen's this week for $3.99. If you are going to use the $1 off peelie on the body wash you will have to go buy a piece of candy to go with it. For every manufacture coupon you have to have an item.
  • Rolling Register Rewards-Your goal is to use the least amount of your own money as you can. Example: Buy the body wash this week and go back in and use your $3 register reward to buy the hand sanitizer get back $4. Go back and use your $4 to buy the body wash again. Go back and use your $3 to buy something else. You can keep doing that all you want but DO NOT USE a register reward for the same item. So you cant go buy the body wash and then turn around and use your $3 RR on body wash again. You will not get another RR(register reward).
  • B1G1 free sales. When there is a store sale of B1G1 free you can use a B1G1 free Manufacture coupon to get 2 for free.
  • If you are using a B1G1 free coupon and a $1 off coupon to purchase something make sure you use your B1G1 free coupon first so that you don't end up getting your reduced item for free.
  • As a rule of thumb always use the store coupon before a Manufacture coupon to avoid the register beeping. It always runs smoother to do it this way.
Let us know what you think!! Any suggestions or what you would like to see in a 'Follow Me Video'. We love to hear from our readers. We're all in this together.


chloe79 said...

This video was very helpful. I've always been confused on the B1G1 thing. Great job girls!

QC coupon deals said...

Thanks! We love the feed back. (: