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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Leapster games

If any of you have the Leapster it seems that Target has some awesome prices online for these. Now I'm not sure if the price would be the same in store. It seems to vary sometimes. They vary from $8.71-$24. Several I see are listed for $12.44. Now if you are part of the Tropicana points you can get $10/2 coupon right now for just 2 points! The picture on these coupons are of the leapster but you might be able to try to use them on the Leapster explorer. The wording just says Leapster games! If your not familiar with this program all you have to do is buy Tropicana Juice and it has codes on the carton. You go to the web site and register, enter your codes and you can search for different things to buy with your points. They have restaurants, Leapfrog, flowers, etc. This program is listed to end 2/28/11 so hurry!!

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