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Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas shopping tips

So I had a lot of people ask me for advice this year on Christmas shopping tips. Most of the time these people were on their way to a store to go Christmas shopping for the night and be done with it. Everytime I had to kind of laugh. Usually I get all my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday and be done with it. This year however, since I have been more coupon aware I have been Christmas shopping through out the year. My best advice to anyone is to get things though out the year and put it away. We are up to 13 neices and nephews now. We dont do a lot of Christmas presents for our own kids but we like to buy each of the neices and nephews a little something. This year with all of the neices and nephews and a few other little presents for people I would say all in all for about 22 people we spend (2 cuponk games-$4(I got this at Target a few days before Thanksgiving with 2 $5 off Target coupons), 2 lego packs $8(again Target with $5 off lego Taret coupons), new cd $7(black friday deal at Family Christian bookstore), mega blocks bus $0(Target $5 off target mega block coupon), playdoh ice cream maker set w/extra 4 pack playdoh $10(toysrus b2g1 free deal and coupon for free playdoh), barbie $0(Target $5 off target barbie coupon), chapstick set $0(Walgreens Reg Reward deal at the beginning of the year), pj set(target $10 off 3 coupon for sleepwear. I had 2 coupons and actually ended up making $10 on this deal) with robe( and fuzzy socks (Walgreens Register Reward)$0, ubuild game $7(Target $5 off target Toysrus has a better deal but I already wrapped the presents), pictureka game $0(Target clearance find paired with Manufacture coupon), 2 tech deck display cases w/extra 2 tech deck skate boards $12(Target clearance find), Toystory 3 movie $5(Target used coupons and rebates), panda alive doll $4(Target clearance find), baby alive w/ballerina tutu set $5(Walmart clearance find last winter), 3 homemade bracelets,used left overs from a necklace I made for me) Thats a total of $62! Im so excited about that. I did this all watching for clearance items and stacking coupon deals with them. I would just pile them in the closet. You do need to try and make a mental note of who you might give something to! Other wise you might end up with a lot of items and no one to give them to. Also if you like getting everyone things you can always stock up on candles though out the year for like $.50 or so and stock those up for the adults. So when all those toys that didnt sell for Christmas go on 75% off sales, stock them up for next year and put them away!! Great prices take planning (:

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