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Friday, May 6, 2011

CVS shopping trip 5/6/11

     I haven't been coupon shopping much lately. I think I'm kind of burnt out. I'm also stocked up on everything. (But food of course, can you ever really be too stocked up on food?)
     There were a few things this week that I wanted to get at CVS and I had some Care bucks that were expiring on the 12th. I wanted to do the Pepsico products, buy $15 of selected products get back $5. In this last paper there were some great coupons to go with this. If you didn't get the bigger town paper such as the Chicago Tribune or Des Moine Register you didn't get this insert.
     I purchased 1 bag of Tostito chips $2.99, 1 Tostito dip $2.99, 1 Pepsi(was suppose to be Pepsi Max but they didn't have it and he let me substitute.) 2- 4 packs of starbucks Frappuccino $10. I used $1 off Tostito, buy 1 tostito and dip get Pepsi Max free, $2 off Starbucks Frappuccino. After you figure in the $5 Carebucks and the coupons I used, it was $7.98(12.98 if you don't count the $5 Carebucks) for all of these items. I had $11.73 in Carebucks from previous shopping trips I used to pay.
     Then I took my $5 Carebucks I got from this transaction and purchased the Pantene Detangler 2/$6.97 and the Colgate Maxfresh $2.77. I used $.75 off Colgate coupon and $3 off 2 pantene coupon. My total after coupons should have been $5.99 and I used the $5 Carebucks. I love going to the store with just a few bucks cash and leaving with all this stuff. Now I have $3.77 to use on my next trip.
     So my total out of pocket was $1.95. Now that's with my 11.73 previous Carebucks. Is this too confusing? I just wanted to share (:


LaVonne said...

Where can I find the Chicago Tribune? I'm from the Geneseo/Kewanee area and I can never find any other paper besides the Dispatch.

QC coupon deals said...

I used to get it at the Mother Hubbards in Silvis but they don't have it anymore. I now get the Des Moine Register but I'm in Davenport. You can call and get the Chicago Tribune Delivered to you but it costs a little more.