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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Follow me Tuesday 5/3/11

Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Consignments shops are great places to look for things. However sometimes when paired with a sale and a coupon its actually cheaper to buy it new at a store. Lots of stores offer coupons. JCPenny, Younkers, Old Navy, Bed Bath and Beyond almost always have coupons. Sometimes you will find online codes or coupons for other stores such as: Gap, Lane Bryant, New York and Company, Victoria Secret, etc.

JCPenny shopping
$10 off $25 purchase comes out often
$10 off $10 purchase sometimes comes in the mail

I just went to Ulta for the first time and LOVED it!  You can use Manufacturer coupons for all your beauty products (for which I had lots) and also thier store coupons!  I was able to find a store coupon on an app for my phone and often you can pull up coupons on your phone from the web that can be scanned at the store! 
At this shop I had $18 in products and spent $6.60 after tax that's just over $1.50 an item!

Also a lot of stores now have txt coupons - if you have unlimited txting sign up for ALL OF THEM!
Hy Vee, Checkers, Target, Old Navy, Chick-Fil-a - just to name a few!
They will not only notify you of upcoming deals but occasionally you get a coupon for the text recievers ONLY "show this txt..." LOVE THAT!

What are some ways you save money on buying clothes? Especially unplanned purchases?

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