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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grocery Ad sweep 6/29/11

So many great deals to be had this week. Time to stock up on soda and cook out items!

10 for $10 Chex mix, Gardettos or bugles
Weber Grilling Spices 10 for $10 (use $1 off from this last sunday paper and its free!)


2day sale Thursday/Friday
Chicken Breast $1.69 (Great price!)
Purex 50 oz(33 load) 5/$10(not really stock up price but good deal if you need laundry soap)
Oscar Mayer hot dogs $.99
Pepsi 2 liter $.77
Popsicle pops $.99
80% beef $1.99/lb (this is a good price but hyvee hamburger isnt my favorite)
Quilted Northern 6 double roll $2.99
Michelob 12 pack $8.99
Whole week sale
Arkansas Tomatoes $.99/lb
Radishes $.99


(look for an ad in tomorrows paper for there 2 day sale)
Pepsi 4/$7.98
Arkansas Tomatoes $.99/lb
Budweiser 20 pk $13.88(this is the cheapest price I see, for those of you that got the bud houseparty)
93%beef $2.79 (Fareway has my favorite beef! This is my stock up price now adays for the kind I like)


Strawberries $.99
Bentons Graham crackers $1.19


2day sale
$.69 Jewel hot dog/hamburger buns

save $5 when buy 10 of select products
Oscar Mayer hot dogs $1.49-making them $.99
Kraft cheese $2.49-making them $1.99
Pillsbury brownies $.99-making them $.49
Gatorade $1-making them $.50
Kraft Salad dressing $1.99-making them $1.49
Heinz $1.99-making them $1.49
Kelloggs cereals $2.99-making them $2.49
Caprisun $1.99-making them $1.49
Klondike bars $2.49-making them $1.99
Bars 3 lB corn dogs $5.99-making them $5.49
Kelloggs Cinnabon bars, fruit snacks, rice krispies $2.49-making them $1.99
Twizzlers $1.88-making them $1.38(better deal at Walgreens this week)
Sabra Hummus $3.99-making them $3.49
Frenchs mustard, lawrys marinade $1.49-making them $.99
Country time, koolaid $2.49-making them $1.99
Green giant veggies $.99-making them $.49
Jello $2.99-making them $2.49
Orelda potatoes $3.49-making them $2.99
Nabisco crackers $2.49-making them $1.99
Hersheys syrup $2-making them $1.50
Can still get the Coke deal today.Under $2 for coke is a great deal!!

I'm sure I missed some great deals. Feel free to comment what you saw that were good deals. I have also seen charcoal for sale at a few places. Lowes has b1g1 free kingsford just under $8 and Walmart has a double back for around $8. Use 2 coupons at Lowes(Jewel has coupon books right inside the door that has $1 off coupons in them)brings it down to about $6 for 2 big bags of charcoal at Lowes.

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