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Friday, January 28, 2011

Active 2 as low as $29.99!!

I bought this game around Christmas at Toysrus for $59.99. You can go here and get it for $39.99. Also use the promo code 171HWHT4 and save an additional $10, making it $29.99!!

Some thoughts about this game. It is a good motivation to work out. Its very gratifying to see the calories burned, your heart rate, and the levels you complete. I like that the work outs are all pre loaded but you have the option to change and tweak it to what you want. I started my work outs on medium because it had been awhile that I had worked out so I wasn't sure if I could do the hard. It was almost too easy. I switched to the hard this last week and its much more challenging. I'm sore everyday from an intense work out. I love it!! The leg band on this one is so much better then the Active 1. It doesn't slip at all.
This is a great price for the game! If you have been wanting it now is the time!!


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