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Thursday, January 20, 2011

shopping highlights

Target shopping

I finally had a chance to get out and do some quick shopping. I didnt have a lot of time to look around but I did notice at Target Glade candles are marked down to .74. Lots of marked down bedding items. They have a few Scrubbing bubbles left for $5.85. I had a $5 off coupon and a $3 off coupon so Im not sure if the $5 off one was from the Des Moine paper and ours was only $3 off? The only SW Shoes that were marked down at the Davenport Target was the Blue and White ones. They are marked down to $13.98. Paired with the $5 off coupon from Targets sight, $8.98 for a pair of shoes isnt bad. The Reveal light bulbs I found are marked down to $2.44. So paired with the $1.50 off Target coupon and $1 off Mfr coupon you actually get a little overage. Now I also bought some Natural Inst hair dye. This is where it gets a little sticky. They have peelies on them for $4 off 2. Pair with 2 $2 off Mnf coupons from the paper it is spose to be $3.98 for 2 boxes of hair dye. That is an awesome price! I didnt take the peelies off and the cashier took both off the boxes and scanned them both. So I got them for free! Now should I have said, Wait a minute you are only spose to use 1? I didnt hand them to her she just scanned them both.

My CVS shopping trip

Cvs has a few great deals running this week! If you buy $25 worth of P&G products you get $10 back. They have Charmin for $9.99. Buy 2 and 6 boxes of Puffs. I had $1 off charmin, $.25 off charmin, 2 $.25 off Puffs. Pepsi is also spend $20 get $10 back. Buy 6 sodas and its $1.67 for a 12 pack. I also saw coke is on the same kind of deal next week! They have almost their whole makeup isle 75% off!

Now I know this is a little off subject but goes along with saving money. We stopped in at the Bettendorf Library and they have tons of Leapster games!! Not the Leapster Explorer but the reg Leapster. They also have a hug selection of Bluray Dvds that are new releases! We never rent movies but I usually go to the Main street library. They dont have a good selection and I never see Bluray. ( we dont have a bluray player but Im sure tons of you do.) I also go onto the librarys website and search movies all the time. They allow you to put them on hold and they email or call you when they come in. You get movies and games for a week. Books on the Iowa side are 3 weeks. Heres the link for the libaray if you want to check it out. Its free to get a library card if you dont already have one!

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