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Friday, April 8, 2011


                  So as I was watching the show this wednesday - and if you were like me and thinking, "This is crazy, I though I was doing really good - how do you get all that free stuff?!"
                 Well Jill Cataldo, a woman I had a chance to see twice at the Moline Library, has the answers.
She did an evaluation of the shopping trips and explains how the most likely sanario for the deals is FRAUD.

There are several types of coupon fraud and I wanted to list them out so that everyone is infomed we want to coupon the right way - not 'steal' the items which is what you essentially do when using coupons in not thier intended manner:
- DO NOT COPY coupons (from the paper or from the internet)
- Look at quantity and size (4oz MEANS not 1oz travel size) look for "travel size excluded"
- Use the right coupon for the right product

The registers typically have an override button and will accept any coupon even if the item is NOT THERE - it's your responsability as a consumer who enjoys good deals to pay attention to using coupons correctly.  If not.... it could be the end of manufacturers putting out thier coupons at all :( Or stores who ammend thier policies to not accept coupons that are put out.

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