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Monday, April 11, 2011

No more rack

Are you part of the No More Rack community yet? They send out daily deals for discounted items. I had never actually bought anything until today. I had a few credits built up. When you join you get $10 and on some Holidays they send you credits to buy things. I love Puma products. Today they have a cute Puma watch for only $30 and $2 shipping. Some times they include free shipping too. With my credits and shipping I got the watch for $15. How awesome! My watch cracked a few weeks ago..and it was a crystal, very nice watch. So I haven't been wearing it and I am a big watch person. I love to know what time it is.
Here is a picture of the cute watch! If you just keep an eye after you sign up on the things the have you're bound to find something one day you like! Go here and you should get a $10 credit.

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