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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Follow me Tuesday 4/5/11

We took Lisa coupon shopping for this Follow me Tuesday video. Now it is very hard to do this. We talked about a lot more than whats on this video. I also would like to say, our original winner couldn't make it after all. It is very hard to get 3 busy people to the store at the same time with out kids. Then I ended up with one of mine I got ahold of Lisa and she was able to line up a sitter for her daycare kids and her own (Thanks Donna!). She had a days notice!

So we talked about getting a binder, organizing coupons, where to get coupons, price points, pairing up store coupons with manufacture coupons, and having a plan. These are all things we have talked about on the blog. We will have to also do another shopping trip with Lisa later on. It is a lot to take in and go over in a just a few hours. This shopping trip is not an extreme couponing type experience. We are not extreme couponers. We coupon to save what we can for our family. We get what we need and try to get what we think is enough til the next sale.

The main things we talked about with Lisa that were not in the video is to try and never pay for toothpaste(which ,by the way is free at Walgreens this week! If you got a paper this week its actually a money maker.), body wash, deodorant, etc. Walgreens and CVS do Register rewards and Extra Care bucks that you never have to pay for these items. If you need them try and not pay over $1 for these items and when you can get them for free stock up for what you think you will need to last a few months.

Know your price points. We saw silly bands on sale for $1.48. This is an ok price for Disney silly bands but if your kids don't care about the trade mark items, you can find these for around $1 at Walmart. We actually noticed a lot of 'clearanced' items that were only a few cents cheaper than regular price.

Check end caps. Usually this is where the clearance items are located

Don't match the picture to the item on the coupon. As long as you are matching what the words say, it doesn't matter if you get the item pictured on the coupon.

Make sure to pull the blinky and tear pad coupons. Most of the time its best to save these for later. Usually they will be cheaper when the tear pads and blinkys are gone.

Also most stores will price match. So if you have a favorite store or dont have, lets say, Target near you. Walmart will price match Targets prices. Most of the time you don't even need an ad. Just tell them its 'this price' at Target and they will ring it up. You can also use coupons on top of the price match!


Brandie Allen said...

Which stores around here take competitors coupons or do they only price match? and do any of them double the manu. coupons?


QC coupon deals said...

Right now I know of no stores in our area that do double coupons. Sometimes Kmart does but there are limits and usually its not worth it because their prices are higher to start. Walmart will take competitors coupons and some Hyvee stores will. Moline Hyvee for sure but I haven't found any on the Iowa side yet. You just have to ask. Almost any where will price match. Hope that helps! (: