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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Follow me Tuesday 4/19/11 'coupons, coupons, coupons!'

In honor of Good Friday and Easter (just as important as Christmas in our house!) we want to leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. We are at Target now, by the time this posts anyway, leaving coupons around the store for you. Our binders are busting at he rims and I hate seeing good coupons go to waste! You don't have to use these coupons at Target. Target is just my favorite shopping place so that's why I decided to leave them there.

Easter Egg Hunt for Couponers!

If you want to leave a fuzzy warm feeling for someone this wonderful Holiday you can leave a few coupons you aren't going to use too! I'm telling you, you guys don't want to miss this. Have fun! (:

Have a great Good Friday and Easter

I'm leaving these coupons at Target in Davenport on Elmore street. I encourage you to leave some of your own coupons in your own towns if you're not from the QC area. (:

Just back from Target. Just wanted to let you guys know the areas I left coupons. I made it to the Make-up, Toothpaste and that whole section of personal care items, Baby, freezer, cleaning, beginning of food section. At the food section my kids were ready to be done. They did great helping me post the coupons at the beginning.  Have fun and Happy Easter!

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Deb K said...

I am now following you from TPRP~hope that you will follow me too!