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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Follow me Tuesday 4/12/11

We filmed outside of Walgreens last week. They won't allow us to film inside the store. Make sure you look for the clearance bins when your in the stores. You may have a good coupon to stack with it. When theres Register Rewards try and use the least amount of money you can. So what you want to do, if you're buying more than one thing that has a Register Reward, is buy the one item and then use that Register Reward for the next. So I bought the soda last week. I used the $3 Register Reward to buy my toothpaste. I also had $.75 off coupon so I was only paying $2.24. So in this case I need to make sure I'm buying something else to cover that 'overage'. I could have bought the Purex at $1.99. I decided to get the candy for free. You can save these 'filler items' for Easter baskets.

**note correction on the Purex. You don't need a filler item when you are using a Manufacture coupon and Walgreens coupon. Steph had $1 off manufacture coupon and a Walgreens in ad coupon to make the Purex $.99. She didn't have to purchase anything else at that point.

You can use an In Ad Walgreen's coupon, Walgreen's booklet coupon, and Manufacture coupon all for one item! For example, Walgreen's had Progresso soup on sale one week with an in ad coupon. I used the in ad coupon, a Manufacture coupon and there was a coupon in the Walgreen's booklet and I got the soup for $.50/can.

I hope this video helps a little. It was hard to do outside with the cars and people in the parking lot. I apologize!

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