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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No More Rack

Awesome! I received my Puma watch I posted a few weeks ago here from No More Rack last week. It came quickly and with all my credits it was only $15. I got the credits automatically when No More Rack would just add them to my account from different Holiday promotions they were having. I really didn't even know I had that many credits.

Well, today I got another Puma watch in the mail. I checked my credit card and they only charged me for one watch. So I called them to see what they wanted me to do with this second watch, since it was obviously a mistake. At first they said they would credit me $10 on my No More Rack account for me to ship it back. I didn't want to do that since their items are random and I wasn't sure I would see something again I wanted. So they called me back later and said they have been having a problem with this happening and go ahead and keep the watch! So I have 2 Puma watches I got for $15. I will most likely sell the other one or maybe re-gift it. I'm not sure. But I thought I would share with you guys. How great is that (:

Check out No More Rack for your self here. Its free to sign up. Just check every day for the items they have and maybe you'll find something you want one day.

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