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Friday, April 8, 2011

Review/Giveaway Friday 4/8/11

 In honor of the drive in opening this weekend we are doing a Review/Giveaway for the 61 Drive in. My family looks forward to the new season every year for the drive in. We have been going for almost 10 years now!

The Drive in is located Located 5 miles South of Maquoketa on Highway 61. Exit 153
     The gates open at 6:30 and the movie starts around 8 pm. Most people go early and enjoy some family time before the movie starts. They have a train ride for the kids, swing sets, people bring foot balls, playing cards, etc.
This is the caboose of the train. Theres a swing set and sand box up by the movie screen also. And I believe a volleyball net towards the back of the field.

So this is the way it works, if you haven't been. You find a spot when you get there to park. You can play around or just visit til the movie starts. Once the movie starts you tune your radio to the station they direct you to when you pay and the movie runs through your radio. You can either sit in your car or bring chairs and sit in front of your vehicle.

The Drive in has a concession stand and restrooms. The concession prices are very reasonable and you can go here to print coupons. Also if you buy a gift card for $50 you get $10 more!!
Entrance for the movie is:

Adults 13 & OVER: $7.00
Children 5-12: $3.00
Children 4 & UNDER: FREE

This is my favorite part! You get 2 new movies for this price. You can not go to the theatre and pay this. The movies usually get over around midnightish. It depends on how long the 2 movies are. This is the only way we watch movies before they come out on DVD.

Thanks to the Owner-Dennis Voy for allowing me to giveaway 2 entry tickets for the Drive in. He also has included Free Popcorn vouchers for basically the entire summer! How awesome is this!! Here is the link to the Drive in's website if you want more info. Maybe we can even pair up for some more giveaways to my favorite family pass time (:

Make sure to look for him if you win, let him know you won tickets from QC Coupon deals and thank him for pairing up with us. (:
To enter this giveaway just comment what your favorite family pass time is. Make sure you enter on the blog, not facebook. If you aren't already following us make sure you do please. This is a local giveaway so please make sure you are in this area if you're entering. Leave your email address for me to contact you if you are a winner. Contest will end at Midnight on Sunday 4/10/11. But if you want to check out the drive in this weekend heres whats playing.
This opening weekend its
 LIMITLESS - PG13 [8:00 PM]


Stacey said...

My family loves to play games and watch movies together. We have 4 children ages 2, 4, 12 and 14, so going to the theater isn't a luxuary that we can afford...but the prices for the drive-in are VERY affordabel AND we get to see 2 movies for the price one!! AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

We have family fun night every friday. :)

Anonymous said...

We love having family movie night. Whether it is just picking one from the shelf, on demand, or redbox, we pop popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show!

Brandi :)

LissaAnn said...

Oh we love it here too! We usually bring pizza and popcorn spread out a blanket and have a picnic with our movies!

lisa said...

our best family pass time is hang out here at home we have a couple of horses and 3 4H steers and a few duck so the kids love just messing around with them. Would love to get the chance to take the kids to the drive in!!

Cilicia said...

With 2 little boys, leaving home & returning with our sanity, is rare. We love to go the drive-in at least once a year though!!! How exciting! Cilicia

befit_beka said...

We love to play outside, go swimming, go for walks, and have picnics at the park.

befit_beka said...

Oh and my email is

Jon_Burney said...

Our family loves movies at home, and if we go out the kids love anywhere with a place to play!

Awesome giveaway, hope I win!

QC coupon deals said...

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Brandi is the winner! Congrats (: