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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Follow me Tuesday 3/22/11

We had some issues downloading to YouTube today so its on the Facebook page here! In this video we talked about stock piles. We have had a lot of questions about how to organize your stock pile. In this video you see Stephanie's organized pile. I also have some pictures posted of how I do mine. There are many different ways to organize. You need to do what works best for the space you have.
This is a metal shelf I have at the bottom of my basement stairs. I keep most of my stock pile here.

I am lucky enough to have a pantry in my kitchen. We added these shelves to the pantry wall and you could do that anywhere in your house. On these shelves you could keep body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, etc.

These are shelves that we put on our back porch that we had a whole shelf of kitty litter on. Also cat food and toilet paper stores well here. This is also where I keep my freezer.

I have a pretty big toy stock pile too. This is kept in my bedroom closet. If you have a toy stock pile make sure its put somewhere the kids aren't allowed.

We had a food video recorded also but I'm not sure we are going to be able to put that up now. I will just share some info on this post. I'm very lucky to have tons of cabinet space to put my food stock pile.

For those of you not so lucky to have this space. Some people store things in plastic totes in the basement or garage. Also if you have some desk space you can always stick things underneath the desk. I would recommend getting some shelves put in somewhere like in the pictures above if you can.
I also notice things tend to be placed through out the house sometimes. Note the 3 men deodorants in the above picture. This is in my kitchen and yes, they are all opened....

Feel free to share your pictures with us too on Facebook! Its fun to see how everyone else does it and there are so many different ways to organize.


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haha...I'll fix it. I also saw another thing too. Thats what I get for going too fast (: