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Monday, March 14, 2011

spring is in the air!

With the feel of spring and having the house up for sale I decided to go through our cabinets today and purge. I'm getting rid of all our plastic, except our water bottles for now.
Here's a before pic of one cabinet
Plastic lids everywhere, all of those plastic kids cups, papers just thrown in...the cabinet is the hide all place when you're having an open house..haha!

The kids loved helping with this chore. Malaki loved looking on the bottom of all the plastic to separate the recyclable things. Some of the nicer plastic, like the kids cups, we will be putting in our next yard sale.

Toby loves to sing. He's always begging to get his picture taken too..haha.

We have walls and walls of cabinets. This is just one wall of the finished product. It always feels so good to reorganize. I am not an organized person by nature but it still feels nice to be organized for a little bit.
So what is everyone else doing to get ready for spring. Any purging!?


kristen27marshall said...

What made you decide to get rid of all the plastic? I'm very disorganized by nature too, must run in the family. I have been trying to organize everything lately and it feels great to have it so clean, we will see how long it lasts lol. How did the open house go?

QC coupon deals said...

I decided plastic isnt good to drink from, especially since we clean the cups in the dishwasher. I organized drawers last week too. Now I need to do the basement!! Open house went as usual ):