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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Follow me Tuesday - Making price points 3/15/11

Make sure you make a 12 week cycle so you know what the rock bottom price is. Just use a normal notebook and keep track of 20-50 items for 12 weeks so you know what time is going to be the best price for these items you use the most of. Once you figure out the rock bottom price, that's when you want to stock up on those items. Sometimes you may not figure it right and have to pay more when you run out but don't beat yourself up over it if that happens.

Remember if you have overage when using a coupon, the store will not give you money back!

You can almost always count on personal care items being free or close to free. This would be toothpaste, body wash, tampons, etc.

March-Freezer deals
May/June Swimsuit deals
August Back to school deals-School/office supplies, underwear, socks, undergarments
Oct-Dec Toy sales
November Electronics/video games
After all Holidays you can stock up on candy. Usually right after the Holiday it goes down to 50% but if you wait a week-3 weeks you can get it for 90%.

Clothing is usually towards the end of the season and you can always pair coupons with clearance items. Jcpenny almost always has $10 off $50 purchase. Old navy has where you can dig for bones. Younkers always has 20% off and sometimes has $10 of $25 purchase that you can now use on yellow dot items.

We usually post any major sales on the blog so if you're unsure just make sure you check the blog. But get to know your price points for your staple foods that you use the most of.

Our next few videos we are going to talk about how to organize your stock pile. Keep in mind we are not extreme couponers.

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