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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kids friendly events!

     We are so lucky in the our area to have many wonderful activities available. This picture was taken at Maquoketa caves which are closed for now but they also have great trails to hike on. Go here to check out more info and directions.

     Also near the caves and trails is the 61 drive in. This is an absolute favorite of our family. You get to see 2 new movies for 1 price. $7 for 13yrs-older, 5-12yrs $3, and 4-under are free! Theres always great movies and they have a little playground toward the front of the grassy area. They have a little train ride for your kids, volleyball net, room for football, etc. You just listen to the movie through your radio. It reopens in April and goes til around October. Go here for more details.
    Closer to us we also have plenty to do. If you're looking for free things: Southpark mall has a kiddie soft play area located in the food court.

     We really enjoy the Vandeer Veer Park. You can go feed ducks, walk around the botanical center, see the water fountain(on hot days we like to go get misted by the fountain), and more! If you watch thru the summer they will have free movie nights shown at the park.

     We have many different trails in our area. One of them is Black Hawk State Park. Theres several picnic areas and little parks. Lots of great trails. Scott county park(I've never actually been but I've heard its great). West Lake Park is a great place for hiking, boating, swimming.
     All of our libraries have story times. If you live on the Davenport side heres the calendar for the 3 libraries we have. If you live in Bettendorf heres that site, Moline , Silvis, East Moline.
     Theres a few stores you can go to on Saturdays that offer kits for your kids to make also. We have had fun doing some of these. Home Depot, Michael's Craft , Borders, Lowes.

     Now if you want to pay a little bit for entertainment theres also a few of those: We have the Niabi Zoo. If you are going to go more than a few times I highly suggest doing a membership. Its very inexpensive. Towards the end of summer they will have free days every week if you want to wait for those.

     We have the Putnam Museum and the Family Museum. Now if you think you will go to Niabi, Putnam, and Family Museum often they offer a Family Triple membership for $190.

Do you have any other favorites!? Let us know.

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