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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Menards 3 day only crazy day sale 3/25-3/27/2011

Lots of things on sale this week but I will list my favorites!

Door sale $1.99 after $8 mail in rebate NO LIMIT
All Detergent 32 load $.99 after $3 mail in rebate
30 pack Heavy Duty contractor bags $2.99 after $6 mail in rebate
Stainless steel soap with holder FREE after $4 mail in rebate
Magazine rack $.99 after $15 mail in rebate

The rebate checks are a lot like using register rewards at Walgreens but you don't get it right away. You fill out a rebate check that you can pick up at the front of the store. Fill it out and send in your receipt. A few weeks later you will receive a check in the mail you can only use at Menards. Once you start doing these deals you can just keep rolling your rebates. What that means, once you get your $15 rebate check from buying the Magazine rack (for example) you can use that to purchase items that you're going to get money back for.

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