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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Menard's has a couple good rebates again this week.  They have a 3 pack of Lint Rollers for $.09 after $5 mail in rebate. Ajax 98 load Laundry soap for $4.89 after $1.50 mail in rebate. (I have tried this Laundry soap and its not too bad.) Go Green garbage bags Free after $2 mail in rebate(limit 3 boxes per household). Oxy-Steam Carpet cleaner 96 oz $9.99 after $5 mail in rebate.

If you're not familiar with Menards and their rebates, this is how it works. You purchase the item and at the bottom of your receipt theres a rebate#. You go to the wall by the door and locate this #. Fill it out and mail it in with your receipt. In a few weeks you get a Menard's check in the mail. This works pretty similar to the Walgreens and Cvs register rewards/Carebucks. You use this check for your next purchase at Menards. You don't get money back if you don't spend it all though so make sure you figure it out to use up the entire amount in that purchase.


Nancy said...

At my Menard's you can use your store credit vouchers just like cash- if you don't use the whole thing, they write on your voucher how much you used and give it back with the amount you have left on it. Thanks for posting the deals! I love Menard's rebates!

QC coupon deals said...

oooo..I didn't know that Nancy. Thanks!