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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Healthy you 3/10/11

     So I have been thinking alot this week about 'Weight loss Thursday' and I decided I would rather call it 'Healthy you'. I don't want it to be about weight loss but about being healthy. Losing weight isn't really about losing weight or it shouldn't be. If you make it purely about losing weight than in the long run you aren't going to succeed. Eventually you are going to put the weight back on and still be unhealthy. It's all about the choices we are making for our lives. The food we put into our bodies. And I know some of you reading are not trying to lose weight, just trying to make healthy choices.
Colossians 2:8 Don't let anyone lead you astray with empty philosophy and high-sounding non-sense that come from human thinking and from the evil powers of this world. and not from Christ.
     With that being said I want to highlight something I read a while ago in a book. If we understand how our bodies work and the way God designed them to react maybe it can be easier to make different food choices. In 'Suzanne Somers Fast &and Easy' she has great insight on our bodies and the way we process different foods. She has a list of  'Funky Foods' that she says you should just take out of your diet (or if you don't like that word you can say eating). These foods raise our insulin level in our bodies. Insulin determines what foods will be stored as fat in our bodies or burned off as energy.
     Here's a list of some 'Funky Foods' :

  Beets           Maple Syrup                                                                          
  Carrots        Molasses
  Corn syrup  Sugar

  Bananas                      Potatoes
  Corn                           Sweet Potatoes
  Pasta (made from         White Flour
semolina or white flour)    White Rice
  Popcorn                        Winter squashes(Acorn, butternut)

This is a small list of what she says are 'funky foods'. If you take these out of your diet completely you will loss weight very fast. Now the point is to be healthy though. So I would say if you just focus on replacing White with Wheat for now and try to cut out eating a large amount of these items you'll be on the track to a healthy you.


Cilicia said...

WHAT!!!? are you kidding me!!?? I have been on a diet now for a little over a week, and I THOUGHT I was eating healthy when I was eating carrots for 2 of those days! I know bananas are very high in carbs?, so I only ate 1/2 of a banana one day(but I do LOVE bananas!).
Are you telling me we aren't supposed to steal honey from the bees?!? lol I have read and heard over and over again that a teaspoon? of honey a day is VERY healthy/good for you??! Also, no potatoes and corn? I knew potatoes were no-nos during a diet, but my mom has been on weight watchers for over a year and said that sweet potatoes are VERY good for you...and I am shocked to hear that corn is not good for you... HELP!!! Maybe I misunderstood your post or maybe the book is not about eating healthy but just about losing weight quickly.
However, I WAS wondering why I am not losing weight quicker then I am since I am eating SOOO healthy!?! or at least I thought I was...p.s. I lost 9 lbs. so far but was really hoping the first 20 lbs. since i am sooo overweight would come off in the first week...

Cilicia said...

Ok, just googled info. on that book and found this as a con to her diet plan 'Eliminates many highly nutritious foods such as nuts, yogurt, banana, carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato and avocado.' This makes me feel better. :) The listed foods are healthy for you but WON'T help you lose weight. :)

QC coupon deals said...

Yes, what I was saying is these foods affect your insulin in your body and you will not lose weight eating alot of them. The way I look at it is. If you eat some carrots instead of a big candy bar, go for it! The carrots are much healthier of course! But if you want to lose weight you need to cut out the funky foods that affect your insulin levels.

QC coupon deals said...

Good for you by the way! 9 pounds is great!

QC coupon deals said...

Also for the record I am not doing this right now. I just thought it might be helpful for someone. I lost over 40 pounds doing this diet in the past...then I got pregnant.