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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shopping for Childrens Clothes

Did you know that our local Salvation Army on Brady street in Davenport, Iowa gets Target items that don't sell when they clearance out? I have known this for a while but since couponing haven't been to Salvation army alot. I just want to point out a few things. While there I saw this toy. Salvation Army is selling this for $6. If you look (right next to my sons grey shirt, sorry about that) they left Targets clearance tag on there. You could have gotten this at Target for $3.21. Not sure why you would want to buy it for $6 when you can see they were selling it for much cheaper....

If you look at their clothing items, however, you may have better luck. I did see this
$3 for a pair of brand new girls shorts. That's a little better. They also have used items that are very inexpensive too. I just wanted to point that out. They also have adult clothing that Target sends over.

If you're looking for some nicer kids clothes we also have lots of really nice consignment shops in our area. I really like Once Upon A Child on 53rd street. Its across from Chick-Fil-A. We just found some little boys shoes for $1 and some very nice boys jeans for $5.50.


kristen27marshall said...

So lame! My goodwill does this all the time. Why do they try to jack the prices up.

QC coupon deals said...

I know, right! I can't wait for garage sale season. It's just around the corner. I love finding the houses that just want to get rid of stuff. Everythings quarters and dimes (:

Anonymous said...

I have found that one of my favorite childrens's clothing store is Von Maur. Most people dont think about it because it is concidered more of a high dollar retail establishment. I am constantly finding shirts for 3-6 bucks, jeans for less than 10, and shoes for about 10. Just got a pair of Puma's for my daughter for 9 bucks. It is the best kept secret in kids clothes! (sometime adults too... just got a pair of NYDJ for 20... they retail for 118)

QC coupon deals said...

I agree completely! Actually most of the time you can get clothing cheaper at the mall on clearance rather than doing goodwill/salvation army. Its crazy. This is why I dont go to goodwill/salvation army much. Jcpennys, Younkers, and Old Navy are also great places to go and stock up after season.